Feed a Family

Your gift can feed a hungry child and give strength to a desperate family.

Furnish a Home

Furniture you no longer need gives others a more comfortable life.


Pay a Bill

When unemployment or illness strikes, relief from bills helps sustain the household until better times arrive.

Provide new Clothes

Warm winter clothes and new outfits for school make a big difference.

Celebrate a Holiday

Turkey with all the trimmings or Christmas gifts - your donations make a family's holidays brighter.

Volunteer Leaders

 Heart-Filled Homes

  Keller Williams Village Square Realty

Photo by Kat Yannalfo

We  have ongoing programs with the following generous donors:

Our Officers are all volunteers and believe in

“caring for our community”.

President:  Harris Recht

Vice President:  Cathy Calabria

Outreach & Donations Coordinator:  Marge Roche

Administrative Coordinator:  Diane Sundermann

Social Services Coordinator:  Eileen Smith

Social Services Coordinator:  Erin Ramiza


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Ongoing Programs

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